About Us

Yachting Sunnies is the UK importer and distributor of the Barz Optics brand of sunglasses, manufactured in Australia.  Barz Optics was established in 1996 by Kevin Barr, a former Australian surfing champion with 30 years experience in the surf, snow ski and sailboard industries.  Kevin began as a retailer then progressed to Manufacturers Agent, representing companies such as O'Neil wetsuits, Oakley eyewear, Vans shoes, Freestyle watches, Hot Buttered surf products and Creatures of Leisure products.

During his years in the surf industry Kevin encountered many surfers and outdoor sports enthusiasts who suffered eye problems such as pterigium (a type of cataract caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays, wind, spray and salt) who expressed the desire to protect their eyes from UV rays and obtain sunglasses to withstand their sports, and to which prescription lenses could be fitted. 

Barz Optics have been approached by many companies in the optical industry over the past 14 years to supply and develop variations of their sunglasses, including Arnette, Tommy Hilfiger, Smith Optics, H2O Optics and Bolle but they have remained true to their vision and continue to research, develop and manufacture their own products.

The jewel of the Barz Optics range are the floating models: the Floater and the San Juan.  These are available as full lens bifocal readers and remove the need for a second pair of glasses to read instruments, charts, almanacs, handle fishing gear and read mobile phone texts!

Yachting Sunnies are confident that you will enjoy wearing and using your Barz Optics sunglasses, and enjoy premium quality eye protection, in the harshest of environments.