Press Release – 7/10/2016


“World  First” – Photochromic bi-focal sailing glasses for use pre-dawn or in low light conditions

BZ Optics - an Australian start-up company have just developed a unique sunglass which is specifically designed for sailors who require glasses to read their watch, computer, digital screens or charts while sailing in no or low light conditions.

BZ’s feature photochromic lenses which are clear (Cat 0) in the dark or low light, then darken to (Cat 2) as sunlight  and UV levels rise. The lenses also adjust to Cat 1 in low light conditions such as rainy or cloudy conditions. The discrete bi- focal is moulded into the rear lower edge of the lens and is not obvious – even when fully activated.  Power options are +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50 (suitable for most reading glasses wearers).

The lightweight TR90 frame has dual moulded non slip temples and an adjustable non -slip nose piece for optimum comfort and fit. The frame also features an easy to change lens system for fully interchangeable lens replacement.  Frame colour options are Graphite with light grey non slip nose piece and temples, White with blue, Fluro yellow with light grey and Hot Pink with light grey.

BZ Optics was established when Scott Birdsall (a keen cyclist, triathlete, sailor and reading lens wearer) approached long time friend - Kevin Barr (a surfer, sailor and owner of Barz Optics the Australian award winning polarised sunglass manufacturer) to assist in developing a sunglass which would offer full UV protection during pre-dawn / low light cycling and sailing through to the midday glare of full sun with the added benefit of being able to easily read.  The lens also features an industrial eyewear impact resistant rating.

Twelve months of research led to a partnership with their lens manufacturer and the development of the Pho frame by one of Barz Optics major frame suppliers.


While initially the glasses were developed for cycling and sailing they would also be ideal for:

* Trekking or walking – reading maps or a GPS.

* Driving – being able to read a GPS, map, radio, phone, clock or other instrumentation all hours of the day.

* Motorcycling – they fit comfortably under both a full face and open face helmet    and allow the rider to read all of his or her instrumentation both day and night while protecting from bugs and road grit.


* Golf – being able to read or write on a score card or play in low light situations.

* Running – reading a heart rate monitor.

* Orienteering – reading maps, a compass or GPS.

* Building or construction – ideal for inside or outside reading plans and detail    measuring.


BZ’s initial model is available fitted with:


  1. Photochromic bi-focal readers that react from Clear (Cat 0) in no or low light conditions to Cat 2 in full sun.  Reader power options are +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50.


  1. Photochromic lens that reacts from Clear ((Cat0) in no or very low light conditions and darkens as the sun and UV intensifies to Cat3.


  1. HD (high definition) photochromic lens reacts from Copper (Cat1) in no or flat light conditions and darkens as the sun and UV intensifies to Brown Cat3.


  1.  Blue mirrored finish polycarbonate lens that is fixed to Cat3.


The photochromic bi-focal model has an introductory retail price of £99.99 while the photochromic is £74.99 and the blue mirror model will is £49.99.


BZ are currently setting up their retail dealer network in Australia, New Zealand and internationally with their world class product and are currently exporting to five countries.  In the UK the glasses can be procured from Yachting Sunnies at


Further information can be obtained from the Yachting Sunnies website or by contacting John McCurdy OBE on 01752 300930 or